How to Clean a Microfiber Sofa

microfiber sofa cleaningCleaning sofas as a whole can be quite the tedious job. But when it comes to microfiber sofas this is something that should not get in your way. In this article we’re going to give you more info on how to clean your microfiber sofa, explained step-by-step:

The first step in cleaning a microfiber sofa is to vacuum it. This way you will remove dust and dirt debris. Make sure to use the extension hose with the fabric attachment to do this job.
Now with a clean dry brush scrub the stains. This way you will lift up crusty spills from the fabric. Make sure to remove the seat, back cushions, and the loose pillows. Vacuum and brush the opened areas of the sofa.


Make sure to check the sofa care label. The should be instructions on what detergents you may use.
They are as follows.

  • W – this is for water based cleaning solvents.
  • S – You must use water-free solutions.
  • S/W- This means that you can use either water-based or water-free solvent.
  • X- You cannot use either water based or water-free solutions on this sofa. Only vacuuming is acceptable.

If it is an X you then that is that. There is nothing else you can do on the sofa. Please do not tempt to use any cleaning solutions. This will most likely result in staining the sofa even further or even shrink the fabrics.

Make use of the appropriate cleaning solution. The good water based solutions include:

  • soap
  • carpet cleaners
  • upholstery shampoo
  • a mild dish detergent.

For the water-free solutions, you must keep an eye out for:

  • alcohol (vodka and gin are acceptable)
  • dry cleaning solvents
  • lighter fluids
  • baby wipes
  • oxygenating solutions which do not include bleach.

Test the solutions in a place which is not seen. This way you will know if you are on the right track. Make sure to wait for the fabric to dry out before being sure that everything is OK.

Spot cleaning

  • Put a small amount of the solution above the stain. Make sure to not over saturate the fabric.
  • Rubbing alcohol is perfect for when dealing with ink stains and water marks.
  • Place a paper towel or some terry cloth over spilled wax. Then iron them.
  • If the fabric is smelly make sure to apply some baking soda mixed with water on the spot. Wait for it to dry out and then vacuum it. The smell should be gone.

If you find our explanations too complicated or you prefer not to deal with this at all, hire professional sofa cleaners to do the job for you and enjoy your fresh & clean couch!

Author: Pippa Clark

You know Monica from Friends who used to clean the big vacuum cleaner with a little one? Well, I'm like her. And, I'm going to share some helpful cleaning tricks and tips with you.

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