How to Clean Pet Urine from Your Sofa

pet urine cleaningWhether a toddler or a pet, it is already a risk for the sofa. Kids love making mischiefs, while pets don’t even realize they are behaving the wrong way, sometimes.

In both cases, ending up with a nasty urine stain on your sofa at the end of the day is so possible, isn’t it?

Thankfully, you don’t have to either panic or to call the local professional cleaners. We can, instead, teach you right now how to clean pet or child urine from your sofa. Let’s get started the two tutorials now!

How to get rid of a pet urine from your sofa

Below, you see not only the various methods to remove a stain, but also alternatives against the bad odour. The truth is that when it comes to urine spot, a pet can leave some more repulsive odour than a kid. But you should not worry about it because we have the right solutions for you.

If the stain is fresh – observed up to an hour ago – you can simply soak the urine spot out. All you need is a clean cloth or even some toilet paper. Place it right on the affected area and blot at first. Then, use the vacuum cleaner or a steam to get rid of the dirt fully.
One of the easiest ways to get rid of the pet urine stain is to apply a mixture of:

  • 10 ml of white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of ammonia
  • and a little bit lukewarm water.

Prepare the mixture in a bowl or a cup and apply with a sponge. Don’t rub, but gently remove the urine stain. Rinse with cool water and dry either with a vacuum cleaner or with the hair dryer.
Leave the windows open to air the premise. This is the least harmful way to get rid of the bad odour. However, sometimes, it might take some extra measures.

For natural and risk-free deodorizing effect, use lemon, grapefruit or orange juice. Essential oils like lavender are also fine.

For stubborn pet urine stains, use enzyme-based cleaners. These commercial cleaning products are specially made for hard spots on delicate pieces of furniture, including leather, suede or 100% natural sofas. Follow the instructions on the enzyme-based product label.

And, some more cleaning tips

The cleaning tricks we’ve shared with you work in 99% of the cases. But, in order to cover 100% of the cases, here are some more approaches. For instance, hydrogen peroxide is a good alternative in case the sofa is synthetic. Also, try with soapy water, where you can add few drops of essential oils to deodorize the zone naturally.

Don’t be mad at your pets! Clean te stain and move on!

Author: Pippa Clark

You know Monica from Friends who used to clean the big vacuum cleaner with a little one? Well, I'm like her. And, I'm going to share some helpful cleaning tricks and tips with you.

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