How to Clean Your Sofa with Baking Soda

sofa_cleaningWhether it is leather, synthetic or made of 100% natural materials, a sofa requires gentle and proper cleaning. In all cases, sofas are usually the most expensive and luxurious pieces of furniture at home. This is why we tend to call the professional cleaners mainly for the sofa maintenance.

But on the other hand, there are plenty of ways for you to keep the sofa clean, nice-smelling and fresh with materials at hand and on your own, with no help from an expert. Baking soda is one of the most common domestic agents we use to clean things. And we can clean the sofa with baking soda, as well. Just continue reading this post.

Use baking soda to regularly clean your sofa

Even though your lifestyle is too dynamic, regular cleaning will help you keep the sofa fresh and nice. Plus – the more often you wipe it out on a regular basis, the less is need of drastic procedure applications. So it could be really a good idea to clean your sofa at least once a month. It is more like a refreshment, but not a deep cleaning. However, it is a good protection against fading and wasting. Baking soda is what you can use in this regular procedures. Simply, sprinkle a little bit of ammonia all around the sofa and let it for half an hour. Then, come back to vacuum the sofa. Not only you’ll remove the dust and the grime, but will also deodorize the surface finely!

Prepare an all-purpose sofa cleaner

On the other side, in a case of an emergency situation like a stain, baking soda can be a savior for your sofa. Find out more about this magical agent in deep sofa cleaning at home:

Apply pure baking soda on red stains like blood, red wine, tomato, ketchup. Blot with a wet sponge in few minutes and rinse. Attention: make sure you use only cold water because high temperature dissolves both: wine and blood inside the fibers.

A universal spot remover for a sofa can be made of

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 3-4 tablespoons of water.

Apply the paste on the affected area. Let it for a while. Then, steam or blot with a clean cloth. Always rinse and dry after cleaning a spot out of a sofa with baking soda.

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Author: Pippa Clark

You know Monica from Friends who used to clean the big vacuum cleaner with a little one? Well, I'm like her. And, I'm going to share some helpful cleaning tricks and tips with you.

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