How to Clean Sofa with Vinegar

sofa_cleaningIf you are up to some cleaning of the home or office sofa, don’t hurry to use that chemical detergent you’ve got in the closet or to buy a cleansing product from the store. The thing is that you can actually clean the sofa in a safer and cheaper way. There are many products you keep in your kitchen that is suitable for sofa cleaning.

And all of them are safe enough to protect your living space, as well as your kids and pets from toxins. Vinegar is one of these agents. And now we will teach you how to clean a sofa with vinegar.

Important Info in Advance

First of all, know that using any type of vinegar is not right. For instance, balsamic vinegar is not very suitable for cleaning, especially for delicate sofas. Instead, apply ordinary white or distilled vinegar. They are 100% safe for any sofa type. Speaking of which, know that you can clean both: organic and manufactured sofas with vinegar. Plus: the vinegar might be used for regular cleaning and refreshment, as well as for stain remover.

The right way to clean a sofa with vinegar

To be 100% sure you’ll end up with a clean sofa, better follow our guides below. Here are the instructions you need to keep in mind if you decide to clean the sofa with vinegar:

  • Use white vinegar separately, if you only want to freshen the sofa up. Mix it with lukewarm water and spray it all over the sofa.
  • As a natural deodorizer, the vinegar absorbs the bad odour. But don’t worry, the vinegar smell itself will also go away. Just give it some time: about an hour and there will be no sign of vinegar scent in the premise.
  • To remove tough spots from a sofa, you can use vinegar, too. However, to deeply clean the area, you’ll need to finish with soap cleaning. Prepare a mixture of dish washing soap and white vinegar or use them separately. In all cases, you have to blot the wet area. If you have to, steam and vacuum the humidity. The sofa is supposed to be fine dried in order to avoid bacteria or mold. Both could not only look repulsive but are very harmful to health.

If you have a sofa made from┬ádelicate materials better don’t risk ruining by cleaning it on your own. Hire professionals to take care of it and enjoy your fresh and clean sofa!

Author: Pippa Clark

You know Monica from Friends who used to clean the big vacuum cleaner with a little one? Well, I'm like her. And, I'm going to share some helpful cleaning tricks and tips with you.

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