All You Need to Know about the Delaktig Sofa

Delaktig SofaHave you heard of the Delaktig sofa? The word “delaktig” in Swedish means “being part of something.” This is a project by the giant furniture maker IKEA. It involves the customers being able to build their own, customized sofa, in accordance with their personal preferences and needs, as well as to be able to fit into the space available.
IKEA is constantly working on improving its furniture and providing its customers with better solutions for smaller living spaces due to the increase in urbanization. The Delaktig sofa is just that. It consists of a simple base made from an aluminum frame, and additional seats and armrests which can easily be snapped-on and off the base.

Since this unique project is open source, an interior designer can work on adding additional elements to the customizable sofa, such as lights, lamps or screens. Much like apps, these clip-on elements too will be made available to the customers of IKEA. There is even a clip-on crib attachment for this amazing sofa.

This experimental customizable furniture project is still in the making and was conceived by Tom Dixon, a British designer from the Royal College of Art. The Delaktig sofa is expected to be released in 2018.

The uniqueness of this customizable sofa is that unlike the standard sofa which usually has a bigger mass made of foam, upholstery, frames, and arm rests, this one is much more compact and is more of a day bed which can be changed in shape, size, and functionality, in accordance to the specific needs. For now, the Royal College of Art holds the rights and owns the intellectual property of this project, but it is expected that IKEA will purchase these rights in the near future.

The manager of the Swedish giant claims that the growing effect of open source thinking will actually affect many aspects of our lives and the way we do things in the future. Unlike now, when mass production of sofas and furniture is done based on specific measurements and qualities set by expert engineers, the customizable sofa and possibly other types of furniture will allow every customer to build their own unique and different sofa which best suits their needs. Much like how the software industry works, IKEA’s manager expects that open source thinking and work will lead to a new wave of thinking and furniture production in the near future.

The Delaktig sofa and all the available attachable “apps” for it is a pioneer in this, but it is expected that other manufacturers will embrace this idea and begin offering customizable furniture to their customers. And, if you need a proper sofa cleaning you can always ask our pros for help!

Author: Pippa Clark

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