How to Easily Clean Stains on Your Sofa

sofa_cleaningIt happens to everybody at some point to spill something on their sofa. Fortunately, most stains are removable if treated properly and in a timely manner. Here are some general tips for easy stain removal from your sofa. If you follow them you will successfully be able to clean up nearly any kind of stain.

Read the label

First, read any cleaning codes and labels on your sofa for specific instructions in regard to the cleaning.

Perform a test

Before using any kind of solution or even just water to treat a stain, perform a test with it on a small spot which is hidden somewhere on the upholstery first. Monitor the area for any discolouration or other negative reaction to the solution. Wait for at least 20 minutes to make sure everything is alright with the upholstery before using the solution.

Act fast

Treat a stain as soon as possible after the spill occurs – this increases the chances of preventing permanent or semi-permanent staining. Make sure you hover your sofa at least once a week thoroughly to prevent dust dirt and grime for getting embedded in it and causing soiling and staining.

If the sofa has removable covers simply wash them in accordance with the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer.

Be careful with water

Never over saturate the sofa with water or any kind of cleaning solution because this can cause mould or other damage to your furniture.

Remove any excess liquid or hard stuff from a spill before proceeding to clean it. Do this with paper towels, a soft white cotton cloth or a spatula for hard materials. Make sure you dab liquid stains from the outside towards the middle and only blot them not rub them to avoid the liquid being embedded deeper in the fabric or spreading around further.

Hoover your sofa or at least the area of the stain before cleaning it, to remove any dirt and dust which can become smudged during the cleaning process.

Try homemade cleaning solutions

A mixture of white vinegar, warm water, and a little mild dish washing soap can do wonders with many types of stains. Remember – don’t pour the solution on the stain, but rather dip a cloth in it or in the foam and apply it with dabbing motions instead.

Use baking soda or corn starch to powder greasy stains and let it sit overnight. After that hover it off.

Blood stains should be treated with cold rather than warm water. After cleaning a leather sofa, make sure you condition the washed area with special leather conditioner to keep it flexible, moist and safe from cracking and peeling.

You can always ask our professional cleaners for some more cleaning secrets?

Author: Pippa Clark

You know Monica from Friends who used to clean the big vacuum cleaner with a little one? Well, I'm like her. And, I'm going to share some helpful cleaning tricks and tips with you.

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