How to Remove Gum from Your Sofa

remove gum from sofaGetting chewing gum stuck on to your sofa may seem like the end of the world, but don’t worry, there are fairly easy ways to safely and completely remove it by yourself.

Follow these instructions and keep the following tips in mind when removing gum from your sofa:

First, test the cleaning product

Remember that you should always test any kind of cleaning product you are planning on using on your sofa on a small inconspicuous place on the upholstery first and wait for at least 20 minutes to see if there is any kind of negative reaction. If the upholstery is OK after the test, you can proceed with the stain removal.

Freeze the gum spot

Most common methods for removing stuck chewing gum on textiles include freezing it first. This can be done with a specialized freezing cleaning aerosol spray or solution, or with an ice cube. First of all, remove any excess chewing gum you can, but make sure you don’t spread it around.

Place a few ice cubes in a plastic Ziploc bag. Make sure you wipe the bag so it is dry from the outside. Apply it on the chewing gum and rub it until the chewing gum becomes solid and freezes completely. You can also use can air to freeze the gum by inserting the nozzle straw in the gum and spray the air. You should proceed with caution for your safety and the safety of your upholstery when using this method though.

Scrub the hardened gum off piece by piece

Gently scrub the hardened gum off piece by piece. You can pick it by hand or use a butter knife, but be careful not to damage the upholstery while you are at it. Continue doing this until no pieces or just some small ones remain and use a vacuum cleaner to hoover them off the upholstery. If there are remaining pieces, you may want to re-apply the ice to freeze them once again.

Wash the sofa

After the gum is gone, you can wash the area either with a homemade upholstery cleaning solution or with a commercial upholstery cleaning product. Rinse it with water by blotting the spot with a damp clean cloth.

If the stain cannot be completely removed, you may need to resort to the professional help of your local sofa cleaning company, who will apply special solutions and use approved cleaning methods and tools to ensure that your sofa is gum-free and perfectly clean.

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