How to Perfectly Clean Suede Sofas

suede sofa cleaningThe best way to clean a suede sofa is to keep them clean and neat on a regular basis. Here are some very useful cleaning tips.

Vacuum, brush and clean the sofa once a week. Get a protective save for suede spray. Some of them are water based while others contain synthetic solvents. To pick the best one make sure to read the owner manual first. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area. The aerosol spray may be harmful to you in many ways so keep that in mind. Open all the windows before proceeding to avoid any injury. If you can get painters mask for the purpose.

Work slow and steady. Only one area at a time. Be sure to have enough space between you and the sprayed area. Sweep with the spray from left to right or vice versa. Make sure to leave some space between the sprayed area and the edges of the coach. Do so until you have given the coach an entire protective coat. Do know that you may need to repeat this 3 or 4 times before being able to completely protect it.

Wait for at least 12 hours to dry.


Weekly suede sofa cleaning


  • Remove the cushions and with a vacuum cleaner collect all the dust and debris that you reach.
  • Then use a suede brush or a terry cloth towel to wipe the suede sofa.
    Rotate your cushions. Put the second on the place of the fourth and so on. That way you can even out the wear and thus making them look identical.
  • Brush them at least once a week. This way you will remove dust that accumulates and causes a couch to look ugly. Use a suede nap or brush to get the job done.


Monthly sofa cleaning


  • Again we begin with removing the cushions.
  • Vacuum them careful In a criss-cross pattern. This keeps the map intact and will remove all the dust and debris that have accumulated on the on the surface of the couch.
  • To restore the luster of the couch brush or rub it. Do so with the help of the suede nap brush or the suede rubbing cloth.
  • Do all this for the cushions as well. Make sure to polish them on the top and the bottom.
  • To remove stains use the suede brush or polishing cloth. Then moisten a terry cloth with white vinegar and dab it in the couch. Then while being gentle rub the stain and remove it.

Yearly suede sofa cleaning

To make sure your valuable sofa stays in perfect condition, hire professional cleaning company to take care of it. The experts will come with special machines and will perform deep cleaning.

Author: Pippa Clark

You know Monica from Friends who used to clean the big vacuum cleaner with a little one? Well, I'm like her. And, I'm going to share some helpful cleaning tricks and tips with you.

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